Alas For Congress - California District 32

I'm running to represent the people of the San Gabriel Valley in the United States Congress. I will fight for our constitutional rights, a return to sound economic principles, and to make sure that our government respects each and every one of us in the San Gabriel Valley.

I'm running for Liberty, I'm running for us, and I'm very grateful for your support!


I'm honored to receive the full support of David Tran, Founder and CEO of @HuyFongFoods ‪#‎SaveSriracha‬. Their company has been providing jobs and support to the local economy for over 20 years.

I'm inviting the city council members of Irwindale to visit the 


Yesterday, like most Americans, you saw a good portion of your hard earned money go to the Federal Government when you filed your income tax return.  Most likely, another large sum of your hard earned money went to the State of California.  Both sums...

What if everyday the calendar said April 15, like some sort of Bill Murray horror movie? Well, that's closer to reality than we all might think.

With a federal government that spends over $10,000,000,000 per day (yes, a billion times ten, daily), it's not realistic to think of taxes...


For the past few months our volunteers have hit the pavement hard in the San Gabriel Valley.  We've been gathering signatures for Arturo's candidate petition.  We are very pleased that we've submitted over 1,500 signatures from local voters in support of the #TeamART campaign.

It must be a new year. The same paper that sat on proof of a secret, unauthorized, and unconstitutional spy program now is praising Edward Snowden. I agree that without his sacrifice, this essential debate wouldn't have happened on such a scale.