Alas For Congress - California District 32

I'm running to represent the people of the San Gabriel Valley in the United States Congress. I will fight for our constitutional rights, a return to sound economic principles, and to make sure that our government respects each and every one of us in the San Gabriel Valley.

I'm running for Liberty, I'm running for us, and I'm very grateful for your support!

City of Covina is Using $337,000 of Your Money to Spy on You



It’s easy to complain about how local government operates around the San Gabriel Valley. This community is familiar with the usual overreach, waste, or even secrecy. But doesn’t there...

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Prudence in Foreign Policy is Necessary


“Observe good faith and justice towards all nations; cultivate peace and harmony with all.” So said George Washington in his Farewell Address, warning Americans of the dangers of an overly active foreign policy. Washington’s wise warning was intended for future leaders to observe prudence...

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Why Wait for D.C. to Enforce the Constitution?


Over a year ago the NSA’s secret mass surveillance was made public by Edward Snowden. Since then, all the lipstick in the White House hasn’t been able to doll up the pig of constant revelations of these “almost Orwellian” programs. Americans have...

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West Covina, CA May 13, 2014

Today, California State Senate Minority leader Bob Huff announced his endorsement of San Gabriel Valley businessman Arturo Alas for U.S. Congress in the 32nd district of California.   The Alas campaign continues to build...


For the past few months our volunteers have hit the pavement hard in the San Gabriel Valley.  We've been gathering signatures for Arturo's candidate petition.  We are very pleased that we've submitted over 1,500 signatures from local voters in support of the #TeamART campaign.

It must be a new year. The same paper that sat on proof of a secret, unauthorized, and unconstitutional spy program now is praising Edward Snowden. I agree that without his sacrifice, this essential debate wouldn't have happened on such a scale.